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This guide will provide you with ideas about how to use VirusTotal. Threat Hunters, Cybersecurity Analysts and Security Engineers, you are all welcome!

The guide is designed to give you a comprehensive overview into VirusTotal by providing all the basic information about how it works and out-of-the-box examples to help you in different scenarios, such as how to:

  • Ingest Threat Intelligence data from VirusTotal into my current architecture.
  • Monitor phishing campaigns impersonating my organization, assets, intellectual property, infrastructure or brand.
  • Get further context to incidents by exploring relationships and mapping out a threat campaign.
  • Understand which vulnerabilities are being currently exploited by attackers, what kind of malware they are distributing and what actors are behind.

Get the most out of VirusTotal

Main service components
VirusTotal Intelligence

Advanced search engine over VirusTotal's dataset, with richer details and context about threats. Allows you to download files for further study and dissection offline. Tell me more.

VirusTotal Hunting

Leverage YARA's advanced rule-crafting capabilities for files, urls, domains, and IPs. Hunt live threats, analyze campaign evolution, and identify hidden indicators of compromise with exceptional precision. Tell me more.

VirusTotal Graph

Explore VirusTotal's dataset visually and discover threat commonalities. Understand the relationship between files, URLs, domains, IP addresses and other observables encountered in an ongoing investigation. Tell me more.

VirusTotal API

The VirusTotal API lets you upload and scan files or URLs, access finished scan reports and make automatic comments and much more without the need of using the website interface. In other words, it allows you to build simple scripts to access the information generated by VirusTotal. > Tell me more.

Latest features
Threat landscape
Explore and monitor recent malicious campaigns and the threat actors behind them. Use to your advantage IOCs, TTPs and commonalities to prevent attacks and monitor attacker's malicious activity.
> Tell me more
Private Scanning
Analyze files privately with VirusTotal. Private Scanning analyzes suspicious files without sharing them with anyone. Results are temporary and only visible to your team, providing valuable intel while protecting your privacy.
> Tell me more
Network hunting
Uncover hidden threats with Network Hunting. This powerful new feature expands YARA's capabilities beyond files, allowing you to hunt for malicious domains, URLs, and IP addresses .Find inspiration in these examples that showcase possibilities.
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VT Academy

Tailored training to provide you and your team with the essential knowledge and skills for effective investigation and contextualization of malicious activities.

False positive discarding
Confirming malicious intent
Prioritizing alerts
Understanding incident impact
Containing and remediating incidents
Fully contextualizing and digesting incidents
Proactive protection and hardening
What if the IOC is not in VirusTotal
Automation and ingestion
Let's get started
YARA the almighty!

YARA is a multi-platform program running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X that can be used to search for malware within VirusTotal. You may want to do this in order to:

  • Gain insight into phishing and malware attacks that could impact your organization.
  • Discover emerging threats and the latest technical and deceptive attack techniques.
  • Spot fraud in-the-wild, identify network infrastructure used to steal credentials and take measures to mitigate ongoing attacks.
  • Track the evolution of known bad actors that have targeted your organization in the past and stay ahead of them.

In general, YARA can help you proactively hunt for threats live no matter where they begin to show up. This is something that any company can do, no matter what sector they operate in to make sure that they are protected.

You can think of it as a programming language that’s essentially just for rules to match and recognize malware. You can find all its documentation at YARA's documentation.

A note about VirusTotal

VirusTotal was born as a collaborative service to promote the exchange of information and strengthen security on the internet. The initial idea was very basic: anyone could send a suspicious file and in return receive a report with multiple antivirus scanner results. In exchange, antivirus companies received new malware samples to improve protections for their users. Thanks to the collaboration of antivirus companies and the support of an amazing community VirusTotal became an ecosystem where everyone contributes and everyone benefits, working together to improve internet security.

You can find out more information about our policy in the following links:

2B+ Over 2 billion files
230+ Submitters spanning more than 230 countries
1M+ More than 1 million new files analysed per day

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